What I’d like to improve this year :)

1. In general

Improve animation and motion graphics.

Be abble to produce professionnal pieces of work, from start to finish, like those examples :

By lemon digital

by Andrew Embury


2. In particular

A. Be abble to know how to make the different parts of a motion graphic video

B. Improve in digital drawing

  1. Understanding colors and how to light a scene to have those beautifull atmospheres

    By James Gilleard

    By Owen Gatley

    By Romain Trystram
  2. Learn how to make beautifull landscapes

    By Mack Neaton

    By Fago Studio
  3. Discover the secret of texturing, and how to work efficiently on a piece of illustration (I waste a lot of time between Illustrator and Photoshop, and I don’t know if I’m doing it right)

    By Whitney Lam

C. Animation

Learn the principles of character animation by animating them in a frame by frame software and by ringing them in After Effects

By Mack Neaton


By Jonathan Dahl

4. Difficulties

– I’m abble to waste a lot of time by doing something very hard while I don’t know how it works. I need to learn how to observe and analyze, learn more technics and stay critical about my behavior during work.

– I have to learn fundamentals

– I have to manage my time to be effective